Sibley's, Backyard Birds of Northern & Central CA, Quick Guide

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Written and illustrated by David Allen Sibley, America's most widely respected bird illustrator and ornithologist, this FoldingGuide offers instant access to just what backyard birdwatchers need to know. Sixty-nine backyard birds are covered, including descriptions, size, range, seasonal occurrence, and illustrations, all taken from the award-winning The Sibley Guide to Birds, Second Edition. The Northern California region extends from the Oregon border southward to Santa Barbara on the coast and inland eastward to the Sierra Nevada range.


  • Waterproof (product is laminated)
  • Convenient (lightweight and compact)
  • Written and illustrated by David Allen Sibley
  • 69 land birds commonly found in the region
  • Migratory species and year-round residents
  • Songbirds, hawks, woodpeckers, and more
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