Window Gems, Dots, Prism, Protect Birds, 15 pieces

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Save birds from window collisions with these small but mighty circle window clings. The "Dots" design can be used alone or as infill between another design when you want to protect a larger window area from bird strikes. If you have birdfeeders close to windows and are having difficulty with bird/window collisions, you could use these as an economical way to warn the birds that there really is no way through the window pane.

They range in size from 1" to 2" across.

Window Gems break up reflections on the glass and warn birds away in time to avoid window strikes. The decals stick to the window purely with static cling, not adhesives, so they are movable, reusable and never fade. We use a prismatic vinyl which captures sunlight and turns it into rainbows all over your house. They are stunning, constantly changing, and perhaps a teeny bit magical. Any light source makes the gems glow with rainbows, even moonlight.

Handmade in Mount Shasta, California

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